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Philip Guston

Philip Guston_The Rest Is For You 1973

Philip Guston, ‘The rest is for you’ (1973)

Lucie Rie


By Lucie Rie.

John Bock


John Bock, ‘Klappdiagramm’ (2013)

Wood, bicycle fork, textile, photograph, metal, wire, hinges, etc.

Yael Davids

Yael Davids, Cupboard, installation_performance, 1998-2

Yael Davids, Cupboard, installation_performance, 1998

Yael Davids, ‘Cupboard’ (1998)

Jan Hoeft



Jan Hoeft, ‘Lange Latte’ (2009)


Charles Ray

Charles Ray, ‘Phantom Limb’ (1981-85)

Sofia Hultén

Sofia Hultén, ‘Past Particles’ (2010)

Over one thousand diverse small objects from a found toolbox (old scraps of wood, bent nails, used metal parts of unknown purpose) are recorded individually on video and presented on a single monitor.

Song-Ming ANG

Song-Ming ANG, ‘Parts and Labour’ (2012)

The artist learnt and executed the process of taking apart a piano and putting it back together in playable condition. This was performed over four months at a piano workshop.