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Jean-Baptiste Regnault

Pygmalion by Jean-Baptiste Regnault, 1786

‘Pygmalion et sa statue’ (1786), by Jean-Baptiste Regnault

Constantin Brancusi


Constantin Brancusi, ‘Sleep’ [‘Le Sommeil’] (1908)

Marble sculpture.

Gertrude Quastler

Gertrude Quastler- Assemblage, driftwood, sea shells, wire and other found objects, cora 1960

Gertrude Quastler, ‘Assemblage’ (ca. 1960)

Driftwood, sea shells, wire and other found objects.

Axel Lieber


Axel Lieber, Ohne Titel (Sockel mit Bildhauer) (2002)


‘Der Sockel des Bildhauers’ (2000/2001)
Custom-made shoe, sized to fit both the artist’s feet.