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Yona Friedman

friedman_Ville spatiale-1959

Model for Yona Friedman‘s ‘Ville Spatiale’.

Yona Friedman

friedman_Ville spatiale.1959

Yona Friedman, from the ‘Ville Spatiale’ series (1959)

Yona Friedman

friedman_Ville spatiale_1959

Model for Yona Friedman‘s ‘Ville Spatiale’ (1959)

Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly in ‘An American in Paris‘, directed by Vincente Minnelli (1951)


2,5-3 by chmara.rosinke

‘2,5³’ (2013) by Chmara.Rosinke

A minimal living cube, for which the 60s and 70s were an inspiration. In this era, many architects and designers concerned themselves with the idea of modular and mobile living structures and wanted to revolutionarize social canons. A negation of consumerism and the idea of contemporary nomadism has lead that time to various visionary concepts like modular micro-houses of Ken Isaacs, Joe Colombos multifunctional „total furnishing unit” or the „living cube“ concept of Papanek and Hennessey.


‘The Decagon Link Station’ by the Japanese outdoor company Logos, is an infinitely expandable modular tent system.