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Galerie Gallery @ Art Amsterdam presents: Galerie Gallery LIVE at Art Amsterdam!

With a live webcam connection at the Trendbeheer stand.
Opening tomorrow, but the webcam connection is already online. More info soon!

Opening Simon Kentgens @ Galerie Gallery


Last Saturday the exhibition ‘2000 – 2010: A Retrospective’ by Simon Kentgens opened at Galerie Gallery.

The show runs until the end of this month and coming Friday, the 28th, during the Kunstweekend Charlois, we will have an altered exhibition and special activities at Galerie Gallery!

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Aldo Giannotti


Aldo Giannotti, ‘Lonely’ (2007)

A sound installation at the Venice Biennial.

During 3 days in June 2007 Gianotti went to the technical room of the Arsenale after the closing hour of the Venice Biennale. Every evening, sitting in front of the central microphone for one hour, he sang the song “Mr. Lonely” (by Bobby Vinton), which was transmitted over speakers all across the deserted exhibition halls.

Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody for my own
I am so lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely
Wish I had someone to call on the phone…

Galerie Gallery @ Kunstvlaai / Artpie


Galerie Gallery presents at the Kunstvlaai / Artpie, Amsterdam.

Jan Huijben
Michiel Huijben
Simon Kentgens
Hedwig Houben

A small platform provides an overview of the artscene from up high. When you’re up you get a private performance/lecture by Hedwig Houben!

These are photo’s of the opening yesterday. Go see this until may 23!

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Herman van Ingelgem


Herman van Ingelgem, ‘The visitor’ (2007)
Fan and aerated cement blocks

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Guro Olsdotter Gjøl


‘Things to forget: pattern recognition’ (2008)

(linoleum flooring, plastic potted ficus, dead leafs from a real ficus)


‘Things to forget: between here and now’ (2008)

(stack of chairs, two ceramic tiles)


‘Things to forget: most of the time’ (2008) by Guro Olsdotter Gjøl.

(overhead projector, orange filter, paper frame)

Sol Hashemi


‘Fog Machine inside of a Jeep’ (2009)


‘Mardi Gras Mylar Spray Pick’ (2009) by Sol Hashemi.

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Ariel Schlesinger @ Galerija Gregor Podnar


Seen last Friday at Gregor Podnar in Berlin; Ariel Schlesinger’s solo show called ‘Reverse engineering’. Although not many works and not all of them as good; a nice show, with quite some energy!

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Goshka Macuga’s ‘(On) The nature of the Beast’


Goshka Macuga, ‘The nature of the beast’ (2009)

Macuga was commisioned to make new work by the Whitechapel Gallery in London, where Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ had once been exhibited. Inspired by this historic fact, Macuga made a replica of the Guernica tapestry that Nelson Rockefeller commisioned in 1955.  Some thirty years later this was lent to the United Nations Headquarters in New York where it has hung ever since outside the Security Council. Offered as a deterrent to war, in 2003 the tapestry was covered by a blue curtain in front of which Colin Powell delivered his fateful speech on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Macuga’s installation ‘The nature of the beast’ in the Whitechapel Gallery consisted of the Guernica’s replica, as well as a round meeting table (a symbol of democracy) in front of it. The room had been designed to accommodate meetings, discussions and debates around the central table, with Guernica once again as a backdrop. Groups were invited to organise these events free of charge during opening hours.

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Camille Laurelli

‘Untitled yet’ (2007)

‘Sans titre (untiteld)’ (2008) by Camille Laurelli.