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Opening Simon Kentgens @ Galerie Gallery


Last Saturday the exhibition ‘2000 – 2010: A Retrospective’ by Simon Kentgens opened at Galerie Gallery.

The show runs until the end of this month and coming Friday, the 28th, during the Kunstweekend Charlois, we will have an altered exhibition and special activities at Galerie Gallery!

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Opening Nikki Koole @ Galerie Gallery


Nikki Koole on the keyboard…

Saturday April 3, Galerie Gallery: Opening of the exhibition by Nikki Koole. Pictures of the opening here!

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April 3rd: Nikki Koole @ Galerie Gallery


Nikki Koole, ‘Neukmannetjes’ (2005)

An application that generates a simplified version of  the game of seduction..
It starts with two babies, one male, one female. Once adults, they wander around the screen until they bump into eachother. They then have intercourse, after which the male leaves and the woman gives birth. Her baby will grow up, and enter the game.. This is repeated until the screen is fully filled with inhabitants, when everything collapses and the process starts over.

Nikki Koole will be presenting new works at Galerie Gallery tomorrow, Saturday the 3rd of April. You are welcome to join our festivities from 18.30hrs.

Opening Willem Claassen @ Galerie Gallery

Last Friday @ Galerie Gallery was the opening of Willem Claassen‘s show! Here are some very bad pictures of the evening, better pictures will follow on the website of Galerie Gallery!


Willem & Work.

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Willem Claassen @ Galerie Gallery

willem aankondiging

Tomorrow, Friday the 18th, Galerie Gallery will be showing a brand spanking new work by Willem Claassen. Come and see it!

Opening Hedwig Houben @ Galerie Gallery

You may have missed this last Friday:


The video.



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Hedwig Houben @ Galerie Gallery

Just to remind you all:


Tomorrow, Friday the 6th, is the opening of Hedwig Houben‘s show @ Galerie Gallery. We would like to invite you all to come to the opening and see new work by Hedwig. Also, she will be doing a live performance, so don’t be late!

Opening @ Galerie Gallery, from 18.30hrs on. Dordtselaan 27e, Rotterdam. (close to metro Maashaven). More info here

Jak Peters


Jak Peters will show at Galerie Gallery, opening tonite at 19.00h!

Galerie gallery is a small new initiative/home-gallery with limited space for infinite experimentation. Galerie Gallery is based in the south of Rotterdam and will first open its doors to present new work by Jak Peters.

The exhibition will be opened on the 2nd of October at 1900hrs., and will furthermore be available for viewing on the 3rd and 4th of October.

This will be galerie gallery’s very first presentation and the first in a series of five.

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