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Lt. Francis Meynell

The Slave Deck of the Albaroz, Prize to the Albatross-1845

Pencil and watercolor by Lt. Francis Meynell, “Slave deck of the Albaroz, Prize to the Albatross, 1845”, shows Africans liberated by the British Navy. The Albanez (erroneously identified as Albaroz) was a Brazilian vessel, captured by the Royal Navy ship, Albatross, off the mouth of the Coanza/Cuanza River (in present-day Angola) in 1845. Meynell was mate on the Albatross, captained at the time by Reginald Yorke. According to the NMM records, the Albatross was commissioned in 1842 and cruised African waters until 1849.

Kutlug Ataman


‘Andrew Beyer’, a video-work from ‘Paradise’ by Kutlug Ataman

“I enjoy doing it because people remember me. I am also now in the Guinness Book of Records as the worlds oldest performing clown in the whole world. I have a certificate I show at my performances. It is also in the book, on page twenty-one in this year’s edition. I’ve been retired now from my regular job for about twenty-five years. But still I enjoy doing the parties, and I enjoy having people tell me that they remember me for so long.”

Ariel Schlesinger @ Galerija Gregor Podnar


Seen last Friday at Gregor Podnar in Berlin; Ariel Schlesinger’s solo show called ‘Reverse engineering’. Although not many works and not all of them as good; a nice show, with quite some energy!

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