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Damien Hirst

damienhirst-11 Sausages  1993  Acrylic, silicone, monofilament, stainless steel, sausages and formaldehyde solution

’11 sausages’ (1993) by Damien Hirst

Tue Greenfort

greenfort_Bio-Wurstwolke - After Dieter Roth 1969, 2007

Tue Greenfort, ‘Bio-Wurstwolke – After Dieter Roth 1969’ (2007)

greenfort_Daimlerstraße 38 - 2001

‘Daimlerstraße 38’ (2001)

The animals were allured by a sausage. When the fox bit in the bait, it activated the camera connected by a cord with the sausage. One week later the animals had learned to eat the sausage without being photographed.

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Herman van Ingelgem


Herman van Ingelgem, ‘The visitor’ (2007)
Fan and aerated cement blocks

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