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Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter- Atlas. Plate 9.  Photographs of papers and books 1962-1968

‘Atlas plate no.9’ (1962-1968) by Gerhard Richter

Sofia Hultén

Sofia Hultén, ‘Past Particles’ (2010)

Over one thousand diverse small objects from a found toolbox (old scraps of wood, bent nails, used metal parts of unknown purpose) are recorded individually on video and presented on a single monitor.

Hans-Peter Feldmann

Hans-Peter Feldmann, ‘Pictures of car radios taken while good music was playing’ (2004)

Sophie Calle

‘Suite Vénitienne’ (1980) by Sophie Calle

‘For months I followed strangers in the street. For the pleasure of following them, not because they particularly interested me. I photographed them without their knowledge, took note of their movements, then finally lost sight of them and forgot them.

At the end of January 1980, on the streets of Paris, I followed a man whom I lost sight of a few minutes later in the crowd. That very evening, by chance, he was introduced to me at an opening. During the course of our conversation, he told me he was planning an imminent trip to Venice.’

Suddenly, the narrator decided to join him. The next morning, armed with a camera and a blonde wig, she took the train to Venice, where she discovered where he was staying, then shadowed him, taking photographs where she could.

Robin Waart

‘Thinking in pictures’ (2010) by Robin Waart. See his entire collection here.

Maria Anwander

Erased Pictures from Flash Art Nr.259 (2008) by Maria Anwander

The information from the pictures erased from an art magazine (flash art nr. 259) is saved in the crumbs of the eraser. Each picture is packed in a plastic bag numbered with the page belonging to it. The viewer can only imagine what pictures were shown by reading the text.

Christopher Steinweber

Christopher Steinweber, from ‘photobooth self portraits’ (2009)

Ariel Schlesinger @ Galerija Gregor Podnar


Seen last Friday at Gregor Podnar in Berlin; Ariel Schlesinger’s solo show called ‘Reverse engineering’. Although not many works and not all of them as good; a nice show, with quite some energy!

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Opening Nikki Koole @ Galerie Gallery


Nikki Koole on the keyboard…

Saturday April 3, Galerie Gallery: Opening of the exhibition by Nikki Koole. Pictures of the opening here!

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The “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks


All of these pictures were found on the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks. Go “see” more yourself!

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