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Isabelle Pauwels


Isabelle Pauwels, ‘It’s like another planet…’ from ‘In it for the Lifestyle’ (2013)

Micaël Reynaud


by Micaël Reynaud

Esther Hovers

Installation view, KABK, The Hague, NL

Overview B
Timeframe 0 min. 04


Overview C
Timeframe 04 min. 26

From the project ‘False Positives’ (2015) by Esther Hovers

Becky Beasley



‘Camera I-V’ (2014) by Becky Beasley.

Joshua Schwartz


Joshua Schwartz, ‘Holy Trip’

Schwartz asked a preacher if he would consider taking a picture with his disposable camera the next time he felt he was being touched by the hand of God. This image arrived at Schwartz’s home two months after their encounter.

Steven Pippin

Steven Pippin - LaundromatLocomotion - Walking without trousers - Man no. L1999.322 (group of 12)

‘Walking without trousers’ (1999) by Steven Pippin.

From the series ‘Laundromat Locomotion’.

Elina Brotherus

Elina Brotherus, ‘Mirroir’ (1999)

Peter Campus

‘Three transitions’ (1973)  by Peter Campus

Oliver Herring

‘Nathan (Hotelroom)’ (2007) by Oliver Herring

Nathan answered an ad to join Oliver Herring for some spontaneous art making sessions. ‘Nathan (Hotel room)’ is by definition a solo, but it’s also a pas de deux between dancer and camera.

Tadasu Takamine

Stills from the video ‘God bless America’ (2002) by Tadasu Takamine.

Tadasu Takamine and his lovely assistant shared a room with a huge clay face for eighteen consecutive days. Before the eye of the camera, they ate, slept, read, had sex and made continuous changes to the face, animating it to keep time with a scratchy, halting recording of the American patriotic classic “God Bless America”.