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Nana Kogler


Nana Kogler, ‘1305 full names out of my long term memory in five weeks’ (2010)

Peggy Clydesdale

Peggy Clydesdale-GG Allin, Wendy O. Williams and Nancy Spungen

GG Allin, Wendy O. Williams and Nancy Spungen drinking tea in a watercolor by Peggy Clydesdale.

Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy Carter

beyonce, z blue ivy kahlo, basquiat and picasso for halloween

Beyoncé as Frida Kahlo, Blue Ivy as Pablo Picasso and Jay Z as Jean-Michel Basquiat at a Halloween party at Charlie Bird in New York City.



Beyoncé in front of Apollo.

William Wegman

‘Martin on Wegman’ (1999) by William Wegman


David Sherry

‘Looking through Tom Cruise’s eyes’, by David Sherry