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Doris Salcedo

Doris Salcedo, Plegaria Muda, 2008

Doris Salcedo, ‘Plegaria Muda’ (detail) (2008)

Ruben Ochoa

Ruben Ochoa Grounded, 2010

Ruben Ochoa, ‘Grounded’ (2010)

Damián Ortega


Damián Ortega, ‘Inverted Pyramid’ (2009-2010)

Petrit Halilaj

Petrit Halilaj, ‘Kosterc (CH)’ (2011)

Soil, grass, metal container. Presentation at Art Basel 2011.

Richard Long

‘Turf Circle, England’ by Richard Long (1966)

Amos Latteier



‘Calculator haikus’, by Amos Latteier

Latteier wrote haikus by using the numbers on calculators to form words and then turning the calculator upside down.

“The calculator vocabulary is rather limited. I have come up with 118 words. I wrote a program to search the dictionary and select words that can be spelled using the letters that can be formed on a calculator. Among these are such choice words as gigolo, besiege, and ghee.”

Here’s one:

“Illegible blob
Legless eggshell oozes oil
Elegize his loss

Hellish shoe is beige
I slosh soil, slog hill

Hobble, oh high heel”


Hans Schabus

Hans Schabus - The Shaft Of Babel (2003). Over days, Schabus digged a 15 feet deep hole in his atelier and shifted the earth to a pile

Hans Schabus, ‘The Shaft Of Babel’ (2003).

Over days, Schabus dug a 15 feet deep hole in his studio and shifted the earth to a pile.