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Giles Round

Untitled_1943-44 giles round

Giles Round, ‘Untitled, 1943-1944, (SORRY!), 2014’

Lithograph on book page, 280 x 215mm

Elmgreen & Dragset

IBC-R Elmgreen en Dragset Coolsingel Rotterdam

‘It’s never too late to say sorry’ (2012) by Elmgreen and Dragset.

Public sculpture consisting of a carefully designed museological display case containing a polished, stainless steel megaphone on a granite pedestal. Every day at 12 o’ clock sharp, a man will appear at the display case, open the door, take out the megaphone, and shout out over the Coolsingel, Rotterdam (NL): “It’s never too late to say sorry”.

Mirko Martin

Mirko Martin, ‘Ocean Front Walk’ (2006/2007), watch the video here.

Mirko Martin will be part of our upcoming screening programme Sorry for not standing still, at Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam! Opening Friday November 23.

Cory Arcangel

Afbeelding 5

‘Sorry I haven’t posted’, by Cory Arcangel is a website that re-blogs blogposts that start with an apology for not posting.

“Sorry about my finger”

I love this series on Google:

Afbeelding 4

“sorry about my finger – google image search”, Via sympathyfortheartgallery.com

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