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Analia Saban

Analia Saban Erosion (Backyard) 2015

Analia Saban, ‘Erosion (Backyard)’ (2015)

Bani Abidi

intercom7a intercom9a intercom2a Intercom1a

‘Intercommunication Devices’ (2008) by Bani Abidi.

Intercommunication devices on 13th Street, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan.


Lode Geens

Lode Geens, Hek, 2009

Lode Geens, ‘Hek’ (Fence) (2009)

Evan Robarts

Evan Robarts, Recess, 2013

Evan Robarts, ‘Recess’ (2013)

Horace Pippin

Horace Pippin (1888-1946) Harmonizing, 1944

Horace Pippin, ‘Harmonizing’ (1944)

Bruce Nauman


‘Setting a Good Corner (Allegory & Metaphor)’ (1999) by Bruce Nauman.

The video Setting a Good Corner (Allegory and Metaphor) (1999) shows Bruce Nauman building a corner to stretch a fence and hang a gate in his ranch in New Mexico.

Gabriel Kuri

Untitled (2009-2010) by Gabriel Kuri

Monika Sosnowska

‘Balustrade’ (2010) by Monika Sosnowska

Eugenie Scrase


‘Trunkated trunk’ (2009) by Eugenie Scrase.

Eugenie Scrase found this fallen treetrunk while out walking in east London and asked the owner if she could remove that section of the fence.
With this work she won the BBC TV-show ‘School of Saatchi‘ in 2009.

Michael Croft

Afbeelding 14

‘Nervosi’ (2009) by Michael Croft

Croft found above situation at Manse Road, Hackney in 2009. He brought the railing to his studio where he polished it until it shone like a mirror.

Afbeelding 12

Afbeelding 5