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Franz West

FRANZ WEST Workingtable and Worktop, 2006

Franz West, ‘Working table and worktop’ (2006)

Graeme Durant

graemedurant_Henry Moore004

graemedurant_Henry Moore008

graemedurant_Henry Moore010

Henry Moore sculptures drawn from memory by Graeme Durant

Florian Slotawa

Florian Slotawa - Koelner Reihe 2011-2

Florian Slotawa - Koelner Reihe 2011

Florian Slotawa’s Kölner Reihe or Cologne series presents the emblematic works from the park’s collection, arranged according to size. It was naturally only consistent to make room available at the park’s center for this installation, now newly experienceable in its various manifestations.

Kurt Schwitters

schwitters sculptures

Egg, Half Moon, Birchwood, Opening Blossom, and Flint Pebble by Kurt Schwitters (1937-47)

David Adamo

David Adamo


David Adamo, Untitled (set of 120 erasers) (2012)

Paint on unfired clay.