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David Stamp

davidstamp_Whats Inside You Wants You Eaten (2012, c-print)

David Stamp, ‘What’s inside you wants you eaten’ (2012)

Lotte Geeven


‘127109 & 127110’ (2014) by Lotte Geeven.

Two sensory robots deployed on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. According to currents of the sea the two objects are supposed to meet in the middle of the ocean approximately one year from now.  The location and time of the deployment of both objects has been carefully calculated in order to optimize the chances of an encounter. The movement of the robots can be followed on http://127109and127110.com.

Sol Lewitt



Sol Lewitt, ‘Wall Drawing #797’

Instructions: The first drafter has a black marker and makes an irregular horizontal line near the top of the wall. Then the second drafter tries to copy it (without touching it) using a red marker. The third drafter does the same, using a yellow marker. The fourth drafter does the same using a blue marker. Then the second drafter followed by the third and fourth copies the last line drawn until the bottom of the wall is reached.

Pierre Bismuth


‘Following the Right Hand of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”’ (2007) by Pierre Bismuth.

Mark Creegan

Mark Creegan, ‘Mountain range’ (2009)

Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley, ‘Bread Line’ (1979)

1 x 1 500 x 3 cm

Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono, ‘Grapefruit‘ (1964)



‘The Chase’ (2008) by Collectif-Fact

Sophie Calle

‘Suite Vénitienne’ (1980) by Sophie Calle

‘For months I followed strangers in the street. For the pleasure of following them, not because they particularly interested me. I photographed them without their knowledge, took note of their movements, then finally lost sight of them and forgot them.

At the end of January 1980, on the streets of Paris, I followed a man whom I lost sight of a few minutes later in the crowd. That very evening, by chance, he was introduced to me at an opening. During the course of our conversation, he told me he was planning an imminent trip to Venice.’

Suddenly, the narrator decided to join him. The next morning, armed with a camera and a blonde wig, she took the train to Venice, where she discovered where he was staying, then shadowed him, taking photographs where she could.