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Eric Bainbridge

The Ghost of Jimmy the Nail – 2012-eric-bainbridge

Eric Bainbridge, ‘The Ghost of Jimmy the Nail’ (2012)

(Thanks, Mike)

Jan Hoeft



Jan Hoeft, ‘Lange Latte’ (2009)


Ger van Elk


Ger van Elk, ‘Hanging wall’ (1968)

Robert Smithson & Nancy Holt

‘Swamp’, a film by Robert Smithson and Nancy Holt (1969)

Robert Smithson said of the film :”it’s about deliberate obstructions or calculated aimlessness”. This was attained by having Holt walk through the swamp while simultaneously filming, only seeing where she was walking by looking through the lens of her Bolex camera, as Smithson gave her verbal instructions which he recorded as he spoke them.

Hugh Pocock

Stills from ‘Living with a log’ (1998) by Hugh Pocock (video on his website)

Pocock found a huge tree trunk and brought it home, where it ran through the center of his house like a spine, and he and his family lived with it.


Johan Holleman


Johan Holleman, ‘Pillar’ (2003?)

Installation in the hallway of the Breda art school.

Pierre Labat


Pierre Labat, ‘space between’ (2006)

Mandla Reuter, ‘Coppice’

mandlareuter-coppice 2007

Mandla Reuter, ‘Coppice’ (2002)

An intervention that caused people to have to find a different way into the room.