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John Bock


John Bock, ‘Klappdiagramm’ (2013)

Wood, bicycle fork, textile, photograph, metal, wire, hinges, etc.

Bela Kolárová



Bela Kolárová, ‘Signs’ (1964) and ‘Untitled’ (1968-1972)

György Ligeti

‘Poème symphonique’ (1962) by György Ligeti

A composition for 100 metronomes, written during his brief acquaintance with the Fluxus movement.

Jack Goldstein

‘MGM’ (1975) by Jack Goldstein

Taatske Pieterson

‘One Person / Lucy’ by Taatske Pieterson


Jack Goldstein

Jack Goldstein, ‘Shane’ (1975)

‘The knife’ (1975)

‘The jump’ (1978)

Frank Zappa plays the bicycle


Frank Zappa plays the bicycle. His TV debut on the Steve Allen show (1963).

See the entire clip here: 

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