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Jan Dibbets

Jan Dibbets-Museum Sokkel met vier hoeken van 90gr (1969)

Jan Dibbets, ‘Museum Sokkel met vier hoeken van 90°’ (‘Museum plinth with four corners at an angle of 90°’ (1969)

Dibbets dug out the four corners of the Stedelijk Museum to expose the building’s ‘plinth’.

Didier Faustino

Didier-Faustino, Opus incertum-2014

‘Opus Incertum’ (2008) by Didier Faustino.

Plinth for recreating Yves Klein’s ‘Leap into the Void’.

Peter Saville


by Peter Saville

Michel Francois

Galerie CarlierGebauer

Galerie CarlierGebauer

Michel François, ‘Stumbling block’ (1989-2013)

Memento Park

mementopark1 Budamarxeng

After de fall of the iron wall in 1989, several monuments and statues from Hungary’s communist period were, in stead of being destroyed, collected and placed together in Memento Park, in Budapest.

Deimantas Narkevicius


‘Once in the XX Century’ (2004) by Deimantas Narkevicius. Found footage of Lenin’s monument being pulled down, edited in a reversed way; Lenin comes flying onto the pedestal.

Angela de la Cruz

Angela de la Cruz Transfer (White), 2011

Angela de la Cruz, ‘Transfer (White)’ (2011)

Mowry Baden

mowry baden

Mowry Baden, Tender Trepanation (2005)

with Catherine MacLean and Grant MacPherson
stainless steel, plastic, fabric, light

The chair oscillates slowly.

Anna Daniell

annadaniell_sculpture today book art

annadaniell_sculpture today book art-2

Anna Daniell, ‘Sculpture today’

Tom Friedman

Tom Friedman Untitled, 1992 Feces on pedestal

Tom Friedman Untitled, 1992 Feces on pedestal-2

Tom Friedman, Untitled (1992)
Tiny ball rolled from the artist’s feces.