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Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier Maquette of the Open Hand monument, ca. 1956 – 1959

A model of the Open Hand Monument (ca. 1956 – 1959), by Le Corbusier.

Gabriel Kuri

Gabriel Kuri, INVERTED LIGHTBOX 2, 2011

Gabriel Kuri, ‘Inverted Lightbox II’ (2011)

Ann Messner

Fom ‘Subway stories’ (1979) by Ann Messner

Julien Berthier

‘A Lost’ (2011) by Julien Berthier.

Song-Ming ANG

Song-Ming ANG, ‘Parts and Labour’ (2012)

The artist learnt and executed the process of taking apart a piano and putting it back together in playable condition. This was performed over four months at a piano workshop.

Josh Shaddock


‘Object’ (2004) by Josh Shaddock