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Ceal Floyer


by Ceal Floyer.

Gal Weinstein

galweinsteinAttached to the Ground, 1999

Gal Weinstein, ‘Attached to the Ground’ (1999)

Eva Olthof


‘The Image After’ by Eva Olthof.

The Image After is a performative presentation, which consists of three parts. It deals with questions concerning archaeological objects, their (early) photographical representations and cultural heritage in times of chaos. The first part discusses an assembly of images that depicts archaeological objects belonging to a museum in Beirut. These objects were stolen just after the civil war ended in 1991 and still remain missing.

Michael Coombs

michael coombs_here today.001

michael coombs_here today.002

Michael Coombs, ‘Here today, gone tomorrow’ (2004)

Ceal Floyer

Ceal Floyer, ‘Wish you were here’ (2008)

Vito Acconci

'Blinks', 1969

‘Blinks’ (1969), by Vito Acconci

Acconci set himself the task of walking a continuous line down a street, holding a camera aimed away from him, ready to shoot. He tried not to blink. Each time he did, he snapped a photo.