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Louise Lawler


‘Birdcalls’ (1972) by Louise Lawler.

Louise Lawler transformed each name of a male contemporary artist into a specific birdcall and recorded the sound. Listen to them here.

Pipilotti Rist

‘I’m a victim of this song’ (1995) by Pipilotti Rist.

Phil Collins

image via rhizome.org

‘The world won’t listen’ (2005) by Phil Collins.

Phil Collins asked fans in Colombia, Turkey and Indonesia to karaoke to songs of The Smiths. Working with local musicians, he re-recorded the backing tracks of the entire album. The karaoke singers are placed in front of photographs of beautiful landscapes.

Candice Breitz

‘Queen’ (2005)


and ‘King’ (2005) by Candice Breitz.

Breitz gathered fans of Madonna and Michael Jackson by posting advertisements in newspapers and fan websites. They were asked to sing and dance their way through a key album. This was recorded and shown simultaneously.


Marcus Coates


Dawn Chorus‘ (2007) by Marcus Coates.

Marcus Coates recorded videos of people singing along to slowed-down birdsong in ordinary human habitats, then sped the videos back up to pitch.

Jeroen Offerman


‘Stairway at St. Paul’s’ (2003) by Jeroen Offerman.

Jeroen Offerman learns Stairway to Heaven backwards and sings it in front of St Paul’s Cathedral.

John Baldessari

Baldessari Sings LeWitt‘ (1972)

“No. 5:

Irrational thoughts… should be followed absolutely illogically”

(Thanks Laurent.)