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Hendrik Schwartz

Pyongyang, Hendrik Schwartz

The only ray of light from an apartment block on Tongil Street, Pyongyang, North Korea (2011), photograph by Hendrik Schwartz.

Apparently, North Korea’s supply of electricity is too small to keep shining through the night. Entire streets shut down, and people go to bed early.



Philippe Parreno


Phillippe Parreno, ‘AC/DC Snake’ (1995-2010)

Samuel Treindl


‘Verlängerungskabel’ (Extension cord), by Samuel Treindl

John Henry Newton


John Henry Newton, ‘1994/1994 (Powercut)’ (2014)

Marek Kvetan

marek kvetan-Transfer2000a cast of a piece of industrial pipe with various wires inside

Marek Kvetan, ‘Transfer’ (2000)

A cast of a piece of industrial pipe with various wires inside.

Joe Grimm

Joe Grimm, ‘Bisected Fan II’ (2009)

Darren Lago

Darren Lago‘s ‘Electric Chair’ (2003)

Etienne Chambaud


Etienne Chambaud, ‘L’electricité’ (2007)

A lamp lights up its own socket.

Gakona at Palais de Tokyo


‘Gakona’ at Palais de Tokyo, Paris (12.2 – 03.5.2009). 

Gakona is made up of 4 solo-shows: Micol Assaël, Ceal Floyer, Laurent Grasso and Roman Signer. In this video by Christophe Ecoffet, Laurent Grasso talks about his work.

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Kristof Kintera


‘It is the beginning!’ (2004) by Kristof Kintera. Watch video.

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