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Robert Smithson

robert smithson

by Robert Smithson

Tonio de Roover


‘Golden frame’ (2012) by Tonio de Roover.

Charles Ray


Charles Ray, Untitled (Glass chair) (1976)

Ed Ruscha


Ed Ruscha, ‘Suspended Sheet Stained with Ivy’ (1973)

gunpowder and ivy on paper

Stephan van den Burg


‘Full detail’ (2013) by Stephan van den Burg.

Ryan Gander

‘A sheet of paper on which I was about to draw, as it slipped from my table and fell to the floor.’ (2008) by Ryan Gander.

Germaine Kruip

‘Marble untitled’ (2009) by Germaine Kruip

Oscar Tuazon

‘Niki Quester’ (2009) by Oscar Tuazon

A sheet of marble lodged in between the branches of a tree.

Alicja Kwade

Alicja Kwade‘s multiple ‘Hemmungsloser Widerstand’ (‘Unrestrained Resistance’) (2010) at the Kestnergesellschaft in Hannover.

Ceal Floyer

Afbeelding 16

Installation shot of ‘Peel’, a video that Ceal Floyer made in 2003.

Thanks, Helmut!