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Mungo Thomson

mungothomson_Mail, 2013

mungothomson_Mail, 201302

Mungo Thomson, ‘Mail’ (2013)

The gallery’s mail is not collected for the duration of the exhibition.

Stephan van den Burg


‘Full detail’ (2013) by Stephan van den Burg.

Martin Höfer

‘Capital unemployed’ (2011) by Martin Höfer

The work ‘Capital unemployed’ is a series of excerpts taken from work descriptions of artworks in the collection of the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius. The descriptions, shown on an LED-screen fixed to the outside wall of the museum, belong to artworks which are not publicly accessible because they are kept in the museum’s repository.

Christian N. Halsted and Jakob Ohrt / Doublethink Studio

‘Picadilly Circus’, an intervention by Christian Halsted and Jakob Ohrt (Doublethink Studio)

Halsted and Ohrt set up a free information service in one of the busiest areas of London and tried to give people whatever they wanted.

“The Doublethink Project is a research-project on various aspects of contemporary public service undertaken by Doublethink. In an attempt to comprehend this popular term, find out who it’s for and who it’s from we came up with 8 alternative abstractions on how to understand and study it.”

More examples of services on their website.