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Santo Tolone


Santo Tolone, ‘Billy Shadows’ (2012)

Peter Saville


by Peter Saville

Florian Slotawa

florianslotawa_IKEA (Prototyp), 2006

Florian Slotawa, ‘IKEA (Prototyp)’ (2006)



‘Maria’ (2011) by Gelitin.

Christian Mayer


‘Temporary Gallery Office’ (2005) by Christian Mayer.

Packaged IKEA furniture and furnishings, bought and brought back after the show receiving full refund.

Maarten Vanden Eynde


‘Preservation of Ikea tea-cup’ (2005) by Maarten Vanden Eynde

When the Ikea catalogue became the most printed book in human history (beating the bible for the first time ever), Vanden Eynde decided to give history a hand and preserve an Ikea tea-cup. Climbed over the fence of Il Foro Romanum, the old city center of Rome, he buried a tea-cup under the observation of a visiting crowd of shocked tourists. The cup is still there, to be discovered by future archaeologists.


‘Genetologic Research Nr. 22: 60937 Ikea-era, 2005 A.D. Rome, Italy’ (2005) by Maarten Vanden Eynde

A new Ikea tea-cup and plate were broken and afterwards restored with restoration paste. It was made in the same week as the intervention work Preservation of Ikea tea-cup.

Ryan Gander


‘Samson’s push, or No. VI / Composition No.II’ (2011) by Ryan Gander.

A pillar made from custom coloured LACK Ikea side tables. The colours correspond to the colours and area of the painting ‘Piet Mondrian – No. VI / Composition No.II, 1920, Oil on canvas, 1163 x 1163 x 62 mm, Purchased 1967 by the Tate collection’.

Markus Sixay

‘Ugly lamp covered by garbage bag’ (2005) by Markus Sixay.

Eric Von Robertson

‘Desert Lodge’ by Eric Von Robertson

The Desert lodge is a prototype for a makeshift shelter used for getting from here to there – a synthetic tumbleweed drifting in the wind. It plays on an intuitive sense of geometry and lightweight structures. The Lodge traverses diverse zones in an attempt to be realized, from an instore prototyping demonstration in IKEA to the High Plains mesas in Arizona, the Lodge is in a constant state of motion.

Joe Scanlan

Joe Scanlan, ‘DIY or How to Kill Yourself Anywhere in the World for Under $399’ (2002)

The book ‘DIY’ presents a plan for how to go into any IKEA store in the world and buy materials with which to build your own coffin. As is the case with all Do-It-Yourself projects, some basic skills and tools are required.