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François Gérard


François Pascal Simon, Baron Gérard, ‘Portrait of Juliette Récamier‘ (1802)

Lindsay Lawson

Lindsay Lawson, ‘Das Ding’ (2010)

This video mimics the famous pottery scene from the movie Ghost when Patrick Swayze (who is a ghost for most of the movie) flirtatiously helps Demi Moore as she throws clay into a vase while the song Unchained Melody plays in the background.

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Diederik Klomberg

‘Flesh’ by Diederik Klomberg

Briac Leprêtre


‘Si j’étais un charpentier…’ (2008) by Briac Leprêtre.

The title is based on a Johnny Cash song: ‘If i were a carpenter’:


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Roman Signer

Roman Signer, ’56 kleine Helicopter’ (2008)

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