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Rachel de Joode


by Rachel de Joode

Pamela Rosenkranz


‘My Evolution (Resort White)’ (2012) by Pamela Rosenkranz.

Ralph Lauren acrylic latex paint on wall, Gatorade Perform 02 Cool Blue bottle.

Edward Krasinski

Edward Krasinski‘s studio in Warsaw, Poland.

In the late 60s blue Scotch tape became Krasinski’s medium and trademark material. The thin blue line running at the height of 130 cm, first pasted around trees and pigsty walls in the village of Zalesie near Warsaw, soon stretched across gallery windows as well as his own living/ working space.

Christoph Büchel

Christoph Büchel, ‘Minus’ (2002)

A punk-concert was held inside a room at the Kunstverein Hannover. Immediately after the show, the entire room was frozen.

Diederik Klomberg

‘Flesh’ by Diederik Klomberg

Steve Bishop


‘Φ’ (2010) by Steve Bishop. (Listerine ‘Cool Mint’ mouthwash, stainless steel)

Roman Signer

Roman Signer, ’56 kleine Helicopter’ (2008)

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