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David Shrigley


David Shrigley, ‘My entire life’

Daniel G. Baird

daniel g baird

Daniel G. Baird, ‘Untitled (HP Pavillion #ze4560us, August 2003 – April 2007)’ (2008)

Silica Dessicant, Personal Electronic, Acrylic

Tom Burr

Tom Burr  Repeated Playboy Platform, 2011

Tom Burr, ‘Repeated Playboy Platform’ (2011)

Simon Martin


Untitled (after Donald Judd) by Simon Martin

Michael Dumontier

nothning else press dumontier

Michael Dumontier, ‘Sock’ (2013)

powder-coated cast iron

Marc Oosting

marc oosting Glitch, 2013

Marc Oosting, ‘Glitch’ (2013)

Silkscreen on marble.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray improvises multiple takes of a rant against technology for a TV show promo, New York City (1982)

Keren Cytter

‘Video Art Manual’ (2011) by Keren Cytter.

Bruce Nauman


‘Setting a Good Corner (Allegory & Metaphor)’ (1999) by Bruce Nauman.

The video Setting a Good Corner (Allegory and Metaphor) (1999) shows Bruce Nauman building a corner to stretch a fence and hang a gate in his ranch in New Mexico.

Joost Conijn


Joost Conijn, ‘C’est une hek’ (1997)