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Daniel G. Baird

daniel g baird

Daniel G. Baird, ‘Untitled (HP Pavillion #ze4560us, August 2003 – April 2007)’ (2008)

Silica Dessicant, Personal Electronic, Acrylic

Piet Mondrian

On February 1st 1944 Piet Mondrian died from pneumonia in New York. He was buried in Cypress Hills cemetary in Brooklyn, New York.


Eliza Newman-Saul

Still from a video by Eliza Newman-Saul

Derek Brunen

‘Plot’ (2007) by Derek Brunen

Brunen bought a plot of land in a cemetary and dug his own grave there as a performance. The video’s original running time is 6 hrs. 15 mins.

‘Plot (From Above)’ 2007

‘Plot (Tombstone)’ (2008)