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Analia Saban

Analia Saban Erosion (Backyard) 2015

Analia Saban, ‘Erosion (Backyard)’ (2015)

Barbara Bloom


Barbara Bloom, ‘Corner: Italian garden II’ (1998)

Oscar Abraham Pabon

Oscar Abraham Pabon Carpet Corner II, 2013

Oscar Abraham Pabon, ‘Carpet Corner II’ (2013)

Bruce Nauman


‘Setting a Good Corner (Allegory & Metaphor)’ (1999) by Bruce Nauman.

The video Setting a Good Corner (Allegory and Metaphor) (1999) shows Bruce Nauman building a corner to stretch a fence and hang a gate in his ranch in New Mexico.

Roman Ondák

Roman Ondák, ‘Zone’ (2010)

A staffed cloakroom without customers installed in the exhibition space.