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Tom of Finland


Tom of Finland, untitled (1968)

Ed van der Elsken

ED VAN DER ELSKEN_Blotebillenharingkarklanten', strand van Zandvoort (1975)

Ed van der Elsken, ‘Blotebillenharingkarklanten’ (Barebuttherringcartcustomers), Zandvoort beach (1975)

Sylvia Sleigh

Sylvia Sleigh, Felicity Rainnie Reclining, 1972

Sylvia Sleigh, ‘Felicity Rainnie Reclining’ (1972)

Matt Johnson


Matt Johnson, ‘Odalisque’ (2010)

Jessie Flood-Paddock

Jessie Flood-Paddock 'Jute Nude' 2014

Jessie Flood-Paddock, ‘Jute Nude’ (2014)

Tom Burr

Tom Burr-Nylon-Nude-2010-cast-iron-radiator-painted-plywood-base-nylon-stockings-122-x-95-x-95-cm

Tom Burr, ‘Nylon Nude’ (2010)

Cast iron radiator and nylon stockings.



Le Corbusier painting a mural on Eileen Gray‘s E-1027 house.

While staying as a guest in the house in 1938 and 1939, Le Corbusier painted bright murals on its plain white walls, sometimes while nude. Infuriated, Gray considered this a defacing of her work and deemed the murals outright vandalism.

Whether he painted his murals out of admiration for Gray’s work or out of jealousy of her accomplishment we still don’t know.

Klaas Burger


‘Maybe it’s not meant for you, but if you’re careful, you’re free to have a look (you might like it)’ (2012) by Klaas Burger.

Théodore Roussel

Théodore Roussel, ‘The Reading Girl’ (1886-7)

Nam June Paik


‘Reclining Buddha’ (1994) by Nam June Paik.