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Harmen de Hoop

de hoop_2713-613-419

Harmen de Hoop, ‘for free!’ (2005)

A sign added to a pile of paving stones.

Bas Schevers


Free sand‘ (2010) by Bas Schevers.

On the grounds of an art festival ten cubic meters of dune sand is placed and offered for free on several public websites. This kind of sand is often used as a substrate for tiling and pavements.

Hans Schabus

Hans Schabus - The Shaft Of Babel (2003). Over days, Schabus digged a 15 feet deep hole in his atelier and shifted the earth to a pile

Hans Schabus, ‘The Shaft Of Babel’ (2003).

Over days, Schabus dug a 15 feet deep hole in his studio and shifted the earth to a pile.

Alicja Kwade


‘412 Lieter bis zum anfang’ (2008) by Alicja Kwade.

Ground champagne bottles.

The bottle tree




Being originally a Hoodoo custom (Hoodoo = a form of predominantly African-American traditional folk magic, mostly found in the Southern United States), bottle trees were made as a means of protecting the home by trapping evil spirits within the colorful bottles. Though scarce today, bottle trees are still created for their artistic appeal.

Marcel Duchamp


Marcel Duchamp, ‘Bottle rack’ (1914/64)

Original lost. Replica. Private collection.

Eugenie Scrase


‘Trunkated trunk’ (2009) by Eugenie Scrase.

Eugenie Scrase found this fallen treetrunk while out walking in east London and asked the owner if she could remove that section of the fence.
With this work she won the BBC TV-show ‘School of Saatchi‘ in 2009.

Michael Croft

Afbeelding 14

‘Nervosi’ (2009) by Michael Croft

Croft found above situation at Manse Road, Hackney in 2009. He brought the railing to his studio where he polished it until it shone like a mirror.

Afbeelding 12

Afbeelding 5

Perrine Lievens


‘Vue’ (2006) by Perrine Lievens.

Neon Balcony.

Guillaume Poulain


‘Guirland’ (2008) by Guillaume Poulain