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Lytle Shaw


Lytle Shaw, ‘The Moiré Effect’ (2012)
Softcover, 128 pages, black and white
Cabinet Books & Bookhorse

Ernst Moiré was a mysterious Swiss photographer whose career has been obscured by silence, documentary voids, and misinformation. So much of his life is shrouded in speculation and half-truths that he sometimes seems more like a phantasm than the flesh-and-blood figure who will forever be remembered as the inadvertent inventor of the blur that bears his name. In 2002, Cabinet magazine dispatched literary scholar and detective Lytle Shaw to Zurich to investigate the reclusive figure’s life and work. Shaw published his initial findings in Cabinet issue 7, but the puzzle of Moiré continued to vex him, and it is only now, a decade later, that the full story of his continuing investigation can finally be told.

Vaast Colson

vaastcolson_don u saved my life

Vaast Colson, ‘Don u saved my life!’

Hubert Robert

hubert robert_the accident_ca.1790-1804

accident robert hubert

Hubert Robert, ‘The Accident’ (ca. 1790-1804)

Jimmie Durham


Jimmie Durham, ‘Himmel und Erde müssen vergehen’ (2000)

Mark Manders

Venice: Fox/Mouse/Belt by Mark Manders, in a Via Garibaldi mini-mart

Mark Manders, ‘Fox/Mouse/Belt’, in a Via Garibaldi mini-mart, Venice (2013)

Cyprien Gaillard

‘Take the Arches’ (2007) by Cyprien Gaillard

Bas Schevers

Bas Schevers, ‘Incident Detail’ (2012)

Bas Schevers is participating in the show ‘I want to believe’, which is taking place next on Saturday the 15th of September, 19.30hrs at NS16, NS-plein 16 in Tilburg. See you there!

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Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen

Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, ‘Dropped Cone’ (2001)

Michael Croft

Afbeelding 14

‘Nervosi’ (2009) by Michael Croft

Croft found above situation at Manse Road, Hackney in 2009. He brought the railing to his studio where he polished it until it shone like a mirror.

Afbeelding 12

Afbeelding 5

The Crow

On March 31, 1993, while making The Crow, the crew filmed a scene in which Brandon Lee’s character walked into his apartment and discovered his girlfriend being raped by thugs. Actor Michael Massee, who played one of the film’s villains (Fun-boy), was supposed to fire a gun at Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) as he walked into his apartment.

When the blank was fired, the bullet shot out and hit Lee in the abdomen and lodged in his spine. He fell down instantly and the director shouted “Cut!”. When Lee did not respond, the cast and crew rushed to him and found that he was wounded. He was immediately rushed to the hospital. Lee’s heart stopped once on the set and once in the ambulance. Following a six hour operation to remove the bullet, and despite being given 60 pints (or 28 liters) of blood, Lee was pronounced dead at 1:03 pm on March 31, 1993. He was 28 years old.