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Giles Round

Giles Round - Unessessary_Character_Z

Giles Round, ‘Unnecessary letters (Z)’ (2014)

Machine cut felt, 140 x 92cm

Olof Olsson


‘Ready-mades on wheels’ (1993) by Olof Olsson

is an attempt to make ‘classic’ modern sculptures.

Eugenie Scrase


‘Trunkated trunk’ (2009) by Eugenie Scrase.

Eugenie Scrase found this fallen treetrunk while out walking in east London and asked the owner if she could remove that section of the fence.
With this work she won the BBC TV-show ‘School of Saatchi‘ in 2009.

Danh Vo

Afbeelding 13

Danh Vo, ‘Oma Totem’ (2009)

Totem of objects that Vo’s grandmother, Nguyen Thi Ty, received from The Immigrant Relief Program and The Catholic Church upon arriving in Denmark as a refugee: – 1 Phillips 26 inch TV – 1 Gorenje washing machine – 1 Bomann refrigerator – 1 wooden crucifix – 1 personalized entrance card for a casino

Michael Gumhold

Movement #1913–2007

Michael Gumhold, ‘Movement #1913–2007’