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Suchan Kinoshita / Hasje Boeyen


‘Vom Hören sagen’ (2000) by Suchan Kinoshita & Hasje Boeyen. (via

Fischli / Weiss


‘Ein Weg durch das Moor’ (1999) by Fischli & Weiss. (via

Pawel Althamer

Pawel Althamer, "Sciezka" (Path/Pfad), skulptur projekte muenste

‘Path’ (2007) by Pawel Althamer.

For sculpture projects münster 07, Pawel Althamer constructed a path.

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More action:

Afbeelding 17

Old news from 2007;

In Dussen (Brabant, NL) a man drove around in a cornfield for hours on end under the influence of cocaine. The result was the piece above.


Signer’s Suitcase


A scene from ‘Signer’s Suitcase’ (1996), a documentary about Roman Signer.

Signers Koffer (Signer’s Suitcase) is a kind of road movie that takes us right across Europe. From the Swiss Alps to eastern Poland, from Stromboli to Iceland. Always following the magically charged “groove” of the landscape…

Directed by Peter Liechti. Some more scenes:

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’25 woodworms, wood, microphone, sound system’, a very nice work by Swiss sound-artist Zimoun.


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The Space Chair Project (Commercial)

Commercial for Toshiba, by Grey London Agency

I like it.

George Dubinsky

Afbeelding 12

‘Broken Arm Chair’ by George Dubinsky


Robotic chair


Robotic chair‘ (2006) by Max Dean, Raffaello D’Andrea & Matt Donovan.

The Robotic Chair (1984 – 2006) is a generic-looking wooden chair with the capacity to fall apart and put itself back together.

Momoyo Torimitsu


Momoyo Torimitsu, ‘Miyata Jiro’ (1997)

The Japanese (but New York resident) artist Momoyo Torimitsu built a robot that resembles a businessman. It can crawl the streets of whichever city he places it. Video:

Now, the Japanese have put quite some more time and effort into building weird animatronics/robotics. Click on Read More to see a few more examples.

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