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Lotte Geeven


‘127109 & 127110’ (2014) by Lotte Geeven.

Two sensory robots deployed on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. According to currents of the sea the two objects are supposed to meet in the middle of the ocean approximately one year from now.  The location and time of the deployment of both objects has been carefully calculated in order to optimize the chances of an encounter. The movement of the robots can be followed on http://127109and127110.com.

Jota Castro


Jota Castro, ‘Shanghai’

Sol Lewitt



Sol Lewitt, ‘Wall Drawing #797’

Instructions: The first drafter has a black marker and makes an irregular horizontal line near the top of the wall. Then the second drafter tries to copy it (without touching it) using a red marker. The third drafter does the same, using a yellow marker. The fourth drafter does the same using a blue marker. Then the second drafter followed by the third and fourth copies the last line drawn until the bottom of the wall is reached.

Damien Roach

damien roach captcha

Damien Roach, ‘Concrete symbol’ (2010)

pencil drawing on paper of a randomly generated CAPTCHA


Learning to love you more


Assignment #48 : Make the saddest song

Linzey Infynity – Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Garsett – Belgium

Megan Keetley – Montreal, Quebec CANADA

David – Maastricht, THE NETHERLANDS


Learning to love you more‘ (2002-2009) is a website and a series of non-web presentations comprised of work made by the general public in response to assignments given by artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher.

Ewerdt Hilgemann

‘Random sculptures’ (1980) by Ewerdt Hilgemann.

Seen in the exhibition Out of Control_ in Nest, The Hague (NL).



Another fine day in Rotterdam, thanks for all the birthday wishes!

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Vincent Ganivet

manda219122181 (1)‘Mandala’ by Vincent Ganivet. Made out of dust and remains.

More photo’s:

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Signer’s Suitcase


A scene from ‘Signer’s Suitcase’ (1996), a documentary about Roman Signer.

Signers Koffer (Signer’s Suitcase) is a kind of road movie that takes us right across Europe. From the Swiss Alps to eastern Poland, from Stromboli to Iceland. Always following the magically charged “groove” of the landscape…

Directed by Peter Liechti. Some more scenes:

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