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Théodore Roussel

Théodore Roussel, ‘The Reading Girl’ (1886-7)



The Japanese volcanic island of Aogashima.

Yoshi Sodeoka

Yoshi Sodeoka, Infinite Parton (2012)

Yoshi Sodeoka, Infinite Parton (2012)


‘The Decagon Link Station’ by the Japanese outdoor company Logos, is an infinitely expandable modular tent system.

Tatsumi Orimoto

Tatsumi Orimoto, from the series ‘Bread man’ (1991-2007)

Momoyo Torimitsu


Momoyo Torimitsu, ‘Miyata Jiro’ (1997)

The Japanese (but New York resident) artist Momoyo Torimitsu built a robot that resembles a businessman. It can crawl the streets of whichever city he places it. Video:

Now, the Japanese have put quite some more time and effort into building weird animatronics/robotics. Click on Read More to see a few more examples.

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