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Ignas Krunglevicius


‘Daemons Mouth’ (2015) by Ignas Krunglevicius.

A page from the diary of schizophrenic young man is read by
a text-to-speech robot.

Lotte Geeven


‘127109 & 127110’ (2014) by Lotte Geeven.

Two sensory robots deployed on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. According to currents of the sea the two objects are supposed to meet in the middle of the ocean approximately one year from now.  The location and time of the deployment of both objects has been carefully calculated in order to optimize the chances of an encounter. The movement of the robots can be followed on http://127109and127110.com.


Robotlab, ‘The Bible scribe’ (2007)

The installation ‘bios [bible]’ consists of an industrial robot, that writes down the bible on rolls of paper. The machine draws the calligraphic lines with high precision. Like a monk in the scriptorium it recreates the text step by step.
Starting with the old testament and the books of Moses, ‘bios [bible]’ produces the whole book within seven months continuously. All 66 books of the bible are written on rolls and then retained and presented in the library of the installation.

(Robotlab is Matthias Gommel, Martina Haitz and Jan Zappe)

Robotic chair


Robotic chair‘ (2006) by Max Dean, Raffaello D’Andrea & Matt Donovan.

The Robotic Chair (1984 – 2006) is a generic-looking wooden chair with the capacity to fall apart and put itself back together.

Momoyo Torimitsu


Momoyo Torimitsu, ‘Miyata Jiro’ (1997)

The Japanese (but New York resident) artist Momoyo Torimitsu built a robot that resembles a businessman. It can crawl the streets of whichever city he places it. Video:

Now, the Japanese have put quite some more time and effort into building weird animatronics/robotics. Click on Read More to see a few more examples.

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