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Patrizio Di Massimo


Patrizio Di Massimo, ‘Tripolis’ (2008)

Patrizio Di Massimo

‘Oae’ by Patrizio Di Massimo (2009)

‘Oae’ is a video work which takes Italy’s colonial occupation of Libya as its subject matter. Patrizio Di Massimo examines this dark chapter in his native Italy’s history by overlapping excerpts of his own footage with black and white documentary and archive material taken from The Lion in the Desert, a film made in 1981 by Mustapha Akkad and censored in Italy at the time for its exposé of empire building and military atrocities. Filmed in high-definition colour on the streets of modern day Tripoli and amongst historical ruins across Libya, the artist sought out the monuments and architectural remnants of both Ancient Rome and more recently Fascist rule from 1911-1940.

Patrizio Di Massimo

Afbeelding 13

Afbeelding 16

Patrizio Di Massimo, ‘Duet for cannibals’ (2010)

Born as a commission from the city of Milan to make a portrait of African immigrant Abdullay Kadal Traore, ‘Duet for Cannibals’ works as a dialogue between him and the artist. During the dialogue he shows Abdullay a drawing of his and ask him if he would like to make what is shown there for the commission – it’s an erotic position that they should both take.

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