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Piotr Lakomy


by Piotr Lakomy

Diego Santomé

diego-santome_Gravedad, tension-y-estabilidad-2012

Diego Santomé, ‘Gravedad, tension y estabilidad’ (2012)

Eric Bainbridge

The Ghost of Jimmy the Nail – 2012-eric-bainbridge

Eric Bainbridge, ‘The Ghost of Jimmy the Nail’ (2012)

(Thanks, Mike)

Ben Woodeson


Ben Woodeson, ‘That bit from The Omen? Yes that bit..’ (2013)

Lili Reynaud-Dewar


by Lili Reynaud-Dewar.

Jonas Etter


Jonas Etter, ‘Palette’ (2011)

A pallet made by stacking reams of paper.

Eilis Mcdonald

B2R-10 B2R-29

Eilis Mcdonald, ‘Back 2 Reality’ (2010)

Michael Coombs

Michael Coombs, ‘Abandoned’ (2001)

Maurice Meewisse

Maurice Meewisse, ‘The woodworks’ (2010)

Meewisse travelled to the woods in the most eastern part of the Netherlands, where he chopped down a lot of trees. The wood harvested in the forest was taken home to produce a variety of construction materials.