Oskar Dawicki


Oskar Dawicki, ‘I’m sorry’ (2010)

Live in front of the audience Dawicki reads a text explaining he’s sorry for the failed performance he’s giving. Finally, to make up for wasting the audience’s time and the curator’s chance of putting on a good show, he hands out sweets while a taperecorder plays the sound of him crying and once more apologizing.

A performance seen in Rotterdam during Witte de With’s performance cycle ‘Let us compare mythologies’. Pictures by Peter Rakossy.



More fine work by Dawicki downstairs….


‘Vanitas’ (2005)


‘Vanitas’ (detail)

A collection of groceries whose before dates expire during the exhibition. The timers placed by each of the products display the time left to their “death” – each day of the exhibition another product expires, as the exhibition ends all products are inedible.


‘Advertising project’ (2002)


‘Advertising project’ (detail of one of the hidden portraits)

Working for over two years as a graphic artist in one of Cracow’s advertising agencies, Dawicki had placed his microscopic self-portrait on posters, leaflets and folders commissioned by producers of heating equipment, medical and health products or heavy industry raw materials suppliers. All prints have been reproduced in thousands of copies and distributed according to their function, while the hidden miniature artist’s face remained largely unnoticed.

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