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Ericka Beckman


Ericka Beckman, ‘You the Better’ (excerpt) (1983)

Hubert Robert

hubert robert_the accident_ca.1790-1804

accident robert hubert

Hubert Robert, ‘The Accident’ (ca. 1790-1804)

Jimmie Durham


Jimmie Durham, ‘Himmel und Erde müssen vergehen’ (2000)

Bettina Buck

bettina buck 2 girls looking

Bettina Buck, ‘Two girls looking’ (2009)

Paul Sandby


Paul Sandby, ‘The Meteor of August 18, 1783, as seen from the East Angle of the North Terrace, Windsor Castle’ (1783)

Isaac Newton

newton tree


This apple tree is located at Woolsthorpe Manor, near Grantham, Lincolnshire, and it is here under its branches that Isaac Newton sat in 1665 when ‘the notion of gravitation came to mind’.

Allan Wexler

Allan Wexler

by Allan Wexler


Tina Z’Rotz and Markus Schwander

Tina Z’Rotz and Markus Schwander, ’44°’ (2008)

Jimmie Durham

‘Still life and Xitle’ (2007) by Jimmie Durham

Marcello Maloberti

‘Die Schmetterlinge essen die Bananen’ (2010) by Marcello Maloberti.