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Kris van Dessel


‘Entering Meters Going Nowhere’ (2014-ongoing) by Kris van Dessel.

Measuring and entering the distances traveled in his studio while working.
Each month the total number of meters has been entered in Google to find a mountain with the equal number of meters as height.

Justin Kemp

“computer charger tripwire”

“dave matthews holding my livestrong bracelet”

“2010 swimsuit edition tucked inside the art of happiness”

from ‘Adding to the internet’ (2009-2011) by Justin Kemp

Angie Waller

‘The Most Boring Places in the World’ (2009) by Angie Waller

“The Most Boring Places in the World” is a Google Earth tour that pinpoints the location of bloggers, live journal-ers, and chat room commentators. These authors all claim that the city they live in or vacationed in is more boring than any other place they can imagine, at least during the time of their post.

<<launch movie>> (Google Earth plugin required)

Stephanie Syjuco



‘Unsolicited Fabrications: Shareware Sculptures’ (2009) by Stephanie Syjuco.

Stephanie Syjuco fabricated a selection of sculptures designed by anonymous users of Google SketchUp.

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Wolfgang Plöger


Wolfgang Plöger, detail from ‘Let’s give them what they want’ (12 b/w photographs) (2009)

Wolfgang Plöger will be taking part in WHAT’S THE POINT OF GIVING YOU ANY MORE ARTWORKS? @ KOP

Jasper Elings


‘Sharing a beautiful sunset’ (2009) by Jasper Elings. Watch the video.

A video composed of images of sunsets, found by Google image search.

Wolfgang Plöger


Me in front of‘, concept by Wolfgang Plöger (2004).

Wolfgang Plöger initiated a google image search with the words ‘me in front of‘. The results are hundreds of pictures of people standing in front of something that is important to them.

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“Sorry about my finger”

I love this series on Google:

Afbeelding 4

“sorry about my finger – google image search”, Via sympathyfortheartgallery.com

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Jeff Wall – Google Street View 5

Grotere kaart weergeven


‘The Storyteller ‘ (1986)

Locations of photographs by Jeff Wall on Google Street View (5 and last).

Jeff Wall – Google Street View 4

Grotere kaart weergeven


‘Overpass’ (2001)

Locations of photographs by Jeff Wall on Google Street View (4).