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Aleks Danko

aleks-danko-songs of australia vol 16

Aleks Danko, ‘Songs of Australia Vol. 16’

Koen Vanmechelen


‘Cosmopolitan Chicken Project’ (1999-ongoing) by Koen Vanmechelen.

 Vanmechelen interbreeds domestic chickens from different countries aiming at the creation of a true cosmopolitan chicken.

Ivan Argote



Ivan Argote, ‘More Formal’ (2009)

Charlie Louvin

‘What are those things (with big black wings)’ (1967) by Charlie Louvin

Justin Morin

‘Belgian Flag’ by Justin Morin

Philippe Parreno


‘Imaginary friends’ (2005) by Philippe Parreno.

A map of the estimated total population of imaginary friends in the US.