‘Every version belongs to the myth’

And so we stop by the Project Arts Centre to see the exhibition 

‘Every version belongs to the myth’


Below is a selection of a few of the works.


Unfortunately, no good pictures were taken of ‘Writing room’ by Maria Barnas, so seeing just this picture from her publication should tell you that the room in question is in fact the room in the house in Frankfurt /Main where Goethe wrote his early works (such as Faust and Das leiden des jungen Werther). Barnas uses only half of the pictures to create a complete image.


Amalia Pica‘s ‘Moon Golem’ is an intervention on NASA’s official photograph of the only monument on the moon; a sculpted figurine, flanked by a plaque which bears an inscription of the names of all then known astronauts and cosmonauts to have died while on moon missions.


Extra info.


Gareth Moore, ‘Map (from Uncertain Pilgrimage)’ (2006-2009)

‘The unmarked map  shows an area full of potential, a prospective adventure waiting to be penned or a scientific unknown on the edges of a topographic plane – it is a map to plot a plan with.’

I think they forgot to mention it’s also a pretty sad image.


Elizabeth Price, ‘TROPHY 2000-2009’

The name of each institution where the work was exhibited is engraved in the work.


‘Begun in 2000, TROPHY in 2009 reads as both a list of accomplishments and a catalogue of obligations.’


Felix Gmelin, ‘Farbtest, Die Rote Fahne II’ (2002)

On the left is the video Gmelin’s father shot, on the right is his own version. In his own version, the original ending is altered. ‘In the remake Gmelin introduces a significant change: no one emerges from the Stockholm city hall and no flag is hung from the balcony.’

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