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Francis Denys


Francis Denys, ‘Le spécialiste Sudoku illustré’ (2014-2015)

Gregory Polony

Gregory Polony -Learning From- 2012 copy

Gregory Polony, ‘Learning from’ and ‘Learning from’ (both 2012)

Steven Pippin

steven-pippin_A Naked Singularity (2014)

Steven Pippin, ‘A Naked Singularity’ (2014)

Anne Adams

Anne Adams, ‘Pi’ (1998)

The work portrays the first 1,471 digits (plus the decimal point) of the mathematical ratio pi. With white, black, and component colors of the white light spectrum marking each integer from 0 to 9, Adams tried to capture the randomness of pi’s expansion.

Philippe Parreno


‘Imaginary friends’ (2005) by Philippe Parreno.

A map of the estimated total population of imaginary friends in the US.

Amos Latteier



‘Calculator haikus’, by Amos Latteier

Latteier wrote haikus by using the numbers on calculators to form words and then turning the calculator upside down.

“The calculator vocabulary is rather limited. I have come up with 118 words. I wrote a program to search the dictionary and select words that can be spelled using the letters that can be formed on a calculator. Among these are such choice words as gigolo, besiege, and ghee.”

Here’s one:

“Illegible blob
Legless eggshell oozes oil
Elegize his loss

Hellish shoe is beige
I slosh soil, slog hill

Hobble, oh high heel”


Kris Vleeschouwer

vleeschouwer wait until 2

Wait Until II (2006) by Kris Vleeschouwer

A glass is mounted on a small shelf. Under the shelf a display with 3 numbers is always moving. When, by chance, the display shows 3 identical numbers, a piston pushes the glass a little bit to the edge until finaly it falls. After this “accident” the process starts all over again with a new glass.