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The Hut Project


The Hut Project, ‘Un-fair’ (2009)

Bronze cast of a stone from outside the artists’ studio, worn in the Assistant Director’s shoe during installation of ‘The Fair Show’.

Billy Apple


‘2 Minutes 33 Seconds (Red)’ (1962) by Billy Apple.

The time it took Apple to eat and recast the apple after each munching session.

Rebecca Warren

‘Cube’ (2006) by Rebecca Warren

Bronze on MDF on wheels.


A sculpture in a park in Deventer was cut off at the ankles by bronzethieves.

The original.

Kathrin Schlegel

Kathrin Schlegel, ‘Bitte nicht wieder klauen’ (‘Please don’t steal again’) (2011)

Work for an existing pedestal whose sculpture had been stolen. This original was a figurative bronze sculpture by Jan Spiering that showed two figures playing with a ball. The work is based on the “absent presence” of the ball as a relic of Spiering’s work, which is realized on the abandoned pedestal in the form of a classic magic trick: the “floating ball under a cloth”.

Corey McCorkle


‘YaYoi’ (2005) by Corey McCorkle.