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William Leavitt


William Leavitt, ‘Arctic Earth’ (2014)

Franz West

FRANZ WEST Workingtable and Worktop, 2006

Franz West, ‘Working table and worktop’ (2006)

Eilis Mcdonald

B2R-10 B2R-29

Eilis Mcdonald, ‘Back 2 Reality’ (2010)


van-gogh-Philadelphia Museum Of Art

Vincent van Gogh‘s bedroom, reconstructed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Mika Rottenberg


Mika Rottenberg, ‘Study #2’ (2009)

Valérie Mannaerts

w-dob1 w-dob2 w-mannaert1

Valérie Mannaerts, in the Un-Scene exhibition, Wiels (2008)

Craig Leonard


‘Obsolete Concepts (Antiprobabilism)’ (2004) by Craig Leonard.

From a series of prints pointing to obsolete concepts, as categorized by the Oxford English Dictionary, in the word’s last known site of publication.

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