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Matthew Day Jackson


Matthew Day Jackson - The Way We Were, 2010

‘The way we were’ (2010) by Matthew Day Jackson

Christian von Mechel

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‘Twelve stages in the sequence from the head of a frog to the head of a primitive man’ and ‘Twelve stages in the sequence from the head of a primitive man to the head of the Apollo Belvedere’

Colored etchings by Christian von Mechel after Lavater (1797). Wellcome Library, London

Pamela Rosenkranz


‘My Evolution (Resort White)’ (2012) by Pamela Rosenkranz.

Ralph Lauren acrylic latex paint on wall, Gatorade Perform 02 Cool Blue bottle.

Simon Phillipson


‘Origin of the Species’ by Simon Phillipson.

This book compares a copy of Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species published in 1902 against a more recent copy published in 2007. It highlights the evolution and editorial changes made to the book over the 105 years.