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Sislej Xhafa


Padre / father / baba / pate Pio’ (2003) by Sislej Xhafa.

Paolo Chiasera

‘Madonna della Scodella’ (2012) by Paolo Chiasera.

“So the question is: what information can be gleaned from paintings about the knowledge that this power has tried to conceal?”


Katharina Fritsch

Katharina Fritsch  Display Stand with Madonnas  (1987-1989)

Katharina Fritsch, ‘Display Stand with Madonnas’ (1987-1989)

Merry Christmas everyone.

Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen

‘Salome with the head of John the Baptist’, (1524)  Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen

Tauba Auerbach

‘Alphabetized Bible’ (2006) by Tauba Auerbach.

Krištof Kintera

‘Miracle’ (2008) by Krištof Kintera.

Christian Jankowski


‘The Holy Artwork’ (2001) by Christian Jankowski.

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